Gravity Drop

4.8 ( 5778 ratings )
Spil Arkade
Forfatter: Veeral Patel
0.99 USD

Im a 15 year old iOS developer from New Jersey. I got into coding 2 months ago and this is my first game. Feedback is greatly appreciated as I will read each and every review.

★Game Description★

Gravity Drop is a simple physics game where your goal is to collect stars using a ball. Swipe up and down to switch the direction of gravity and use the randomly generated wall to bounce into different directions. In addition, collecting stars gives you 10 points and you lose a point every time the gravity is changed. Good luck!

• Game supports all orientations
• Different color scheme every time (see Screenshots)

★Game Modes★

☆ Easy - For when youre just getting started
☆ Medium - For the person who knows what theyre doing
☆ Hard - For the expert who can handle a challenge
☆ Tilt - Tilt the iPad to collect starts instead of swiping
☆ Time Trial - 60 seconds to collect the most stars



This game was Made with Codea entirely on the iPad.